New electric deal to begin May 1 for City

By Lance Cranmer

January 22, 2014

The new 36-month electric aggregation deal for Washington C.H. City residents will go into effect May 1.

“It’s exactly the same deal that Greenfield has,” Washington C.H. City Manager Joe Denen said.

Denen announced the new deal at Wednesday’s city council meeting.

The deal with First Energy will set the electric rate at $.0527 per kWh. The former electric aggregation deal for the City was through AEP.

“We sought out bids. (First Energy) had the best offer,” Denen said.

Denen said that current participants in the electric aggregation program do not have to do anything to remain in the program and that billing will remain unchanged.

He added that the new rate for city customers is better than before.

“From where we were at to (the new rate) it’s a wee bit cheaper,” Denen said.

In legislation, council voted to unanimously approve three items.

The first, Resolution No. R1-2014, which enters into an agreement with the Fayette County Commissioners to provide legal counsel for indigent persons, passed its second reading.

The other two pieces of legislation passed their first readings.

Ordinance No. 1-2014 authorizes the abatement of public nuisance at 215 N. Fayette Street.

Resolution No. 2-2014 confirms the appointment of Denny Beis to the City Board of Building Appeals for a term ending Sept. 1, 2017.

Also from Wednesday’s meeting, council approved the moving of the Feb. 12 council meeting from 7:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. as to not take place during the Washington vs. Miami Trace boys basketball game.

And Denen asked city residents to be cautious of the cold temperatures and to either insulate or provide a heat source to water pipes that may be exposed to the cold.