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Sidney Terhune Religion Columnist

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Take your Bible and turn to Genesis 32:28. The words “Jew” and “Jewish,” in their various forms, are misleading terms in the English versions of the Bible. The word “Jew” is a relatively modern term applied to those who practice or claim a religion called for by the Old Testament and the Talmud. [The Talmud is a collection of rabbinical law and tradition which was put in its present written form 2 or 3 centuries after Christ.]

Because of this, it has been wrongly assumed that most modern Jews are direct lineal descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel. Abraham begat Isaac and Isaac begat Jacob and Jacob begat eleven sons. God changes Jacob’s name to Israel. Genesis 32:28 and 35:10. Rachel delivers to Jacob another son, named Benjamin. Vs 35:18. Now the sons of Jacob are 12. Vs.35:22.

Scholars, including those of Jewish background, have thoroughly documented that the majority of modern Jews are NOT lineal descendants of Shem, Abraham, or Jacob. Rather, they are predominantly descendants of an Asiatic tribe known as the Khazars, Gentiles who traced their lineage to Japheth. The Khazars as a whole nation converted to a form of the Judean religion practiced in the 7th or 8th century A.D.

By the time of Christ, the Judean religion had deteriorated into Pharisaism which was based more upon their traditions (traditions later written into the Talmud) than the Scriptures. By the time the Khazars were converted 7 centuries after Christ, the Pharisaic religion had degraded even further.

Having had no written language before their conversion, the Khazars adopted the Hebrew script, thus putting their own spoken language in written form.

After centuries of development with influence from several other languages, the Khazar language became what is commonly know as Yiddish. Of course, in the process of this historically unique conversion, the Khazars took on many customs and words associated with their new beliefs.

From the 7th to the 11th century, the Khazar Empire located in what is now known as western Russia, flourished. But as the Empire declined, many Khazars gradually migrated into eastern Europe to form the cradle of modern Jewry. The evidence indicates that Khazar heritage dominates the genetic make-up of most modern Jews. As the Khazars’ descendants settled in Europe and slowly began to disperse across the continent, they became associated with the Judeans of the Bible because of their religious beliefs and its influence on their language, writing, and culture.

People have become utterly confused by associating modern Jews of Khazar descent with the Jews of the Bible.

Most important, they also have related Biblical prophecies concerning both Israel and Judah to modern Jews to whom these prophecies do NOT pertain. Those claiming the modern state of Israel to be the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy must reevaluate their statements according to Scripture and history. Amen.

Sidney Terhune P.O. Box 6, Wash. C.H., OH

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