Who’ll Build the Roads?

“Tea party members don’t think there’s a federal role in transportation!” complained Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, last week, near the site of a $5.8 million highway project. If only most tea party members were that radical.While Brown and other big-government folks worry that Republicans will cut spending, Republicans debate adding another $10.5 billion to the Highway Trust Fund to keep it going another year — without deciding how to reform it....

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Don’t like the Constitution? Amend it

To the Constitution’s 27 amendments, Senate Democrats would like to add a 28th.The Senate Judiciary Committee last week approved a resolution to amend the Constitution by empowering Congress to regulate the amount of money that could be raised or spent in federal election campaigns, and granting state governments the same authority in state elections.

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Yeah, I get a kick out of soccer

It is with heaviness in my heart that I deleted the shortcut to Watch ESPN off of my browser today. I am sure many of you, judging by the comments I am more than used to but especially prevalent this last month, don't give a hoot that the World Cup is over as the final was played Sunday. As I wrote in a column at the beginning of this mas...

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The Skill to Succeed

There’s a skills gap in our country that is preventing unemployed Americans from filling available jobs. Legislation I authored is going to help close that gap. We need it, now more than ever. The policies coming out of Washington aren’t getting the job done for those Americans who are...

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Yesterdays: The Fayette Theater

It was called a “Theater of Distinction” and the Fayette Theater certainly was that. Hoy Simons brought to our town a movie palace that showed first-run attractions and the price of admissions was almost modest.For many of my formative years, I could see my favorite Technicolor movies for 14 cents which didn’t put too much of a dent in my modest allowance.

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‘Bombs bursting in air’ made me feel like a kid

Every year, no matter where I am, I watch a fireworks show on the Fourth of July. This year, as I made the trip to my mom’s in Indianapolis, I thought about how this would be the first year without going to see an organized fireworks show.You see, my sister said we would just hang around mom’s and watch the fireworks set off around her neighborhood.After the week I’d had, and bone-tired as I was, I didn’t argue.And you know what? I ende...

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For Ohio farmers, tax news gets better

By David T. DanielsDirector, Ohio Department of AgricultureCOLUMBUS - It’s not too often you can read the words “good news” and “taxes” in the very same sentence, particularly when your business is farming. But Ohio farmers did indeed receive some good news about taxes over the past year. And now – brace yourself – because that news is getting even better.First, let me recap some good tax news from the recent tax‐...

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Signers of the Declaration

This week we celebrate the 238th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, an event that set a new course for human history. There were 56 men who signed that document, which declared that “these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, Free and Independent States…” The signers understood what was...

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The American Flag: ‘A Threat’?

It’s the very symbol of patriotism — Old Glory, as William Driver, a 19th-century American sea captain, nicknamed it. But even as we close in on Independence Day, more and more people across the country are calling the American flag a threat and inappropriate home garnishing.

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Yesterdays: Memories of Johnny Godfrey

Johnny Godfrey was a star pupil of the late Emerson Ludwick while I was just emerging from the “Baby Tappers” and singing such “winners” as “Three Little Fishes” and “Little Red Schoolhouse” in Emerson’s annual dance reviews. Our beloved teacher was killed in World War II.Johnny went on to open his own dance studio while he was still in high school. He was such a talented dancer, he was invited to join “Dance masters of Am...

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FCMH seeks partnership/affiliation

It has been widely publicized that the Board of Trustees of Fayette County Memorial Hospital decided to issue an RFP (Request for Proposal) to explore the opportunities for a strategic partnership/affiliation.As much as everyone would like things to remain the same, in this rapidly changing healthcare environment, anyone who understands the national trends in healthcare recognizes that it is probably not possible to remain independent.

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It’s time to investigate the IRS

You may have heard that the Internal Revenue Service has lost some emails. We are going to help the agency find them — either on their own, or through an investigation by a Special Counsel.

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It was a red-letter day for me in the fall of 1940, when my parents decided I was old enough to go to town by myself. I was somewhere between seven and eight and with great anticipation, I donned my white flannel pleated skirt and red jacket. Mother knotted some change in a hankie and tucked it into one of the pockets. She cautioned me, however, not to take any candy into the library.In that era, Carnegie Public Library was — even then — an oasis for book-lovers of all ...

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Omission Control

Reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s story sounds familiar to me: A major network got tired of her reports criticizing government. She no longer works there.The CBS correspondent reported on Fast and Furious, the shifting explanation for the Benghazi, Libya, attacks and the bungled rollout of the Obamacare website.“But as time went on, it was harder to get stories on,” she says.“There are people who simply would rather just avoid the headache of...

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Highway Funding Runs out of Gas

Lawmakers writing the transportation spending bill have a problem. Actually they have 89 billion problems, because that’s how many dollars they are short between what they want to spend over the next six years and the revenue bean counters expect.Considering the contortions Congress has gone through when it came to finding offsets for more spending in recent years, it’s in a fiscal pickle.

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Access to Reports

Even though Donald Lee Johnson pled no contest to aggravated robbery, robbery, and aggravated possession of drugs while using a firearm, that wasn’t the end of the issue. At Johnson’s disposition hearing, the trial court stated that it “had a chance to review and consider…a presentence investigation report” and proceeded t...

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